Website development

  Quality web design and development with a minimum of fuss.

Do you want a standard website? Then our standardised approach allows us to reduce the cost of creating this to a fixed pricing schedule. No nasty surprises - you can tell before ordering how much it will cost.
Web based application development
We believe web based applications should not cost the earth and are specialised in developing sophisticated applications also using Linux, PHP and MySQL and other open source software. These are well tried products which offer the functionality needed to develop pretty well anything you require - they are also free.
We specialise in converting existing software packages to the web.

Holistic website development

Terms and conditions
Web hosting services
Ownworld will maintain your business presence on the internet with a complete range of services, including:
  • Hosting your website
  • Domain name registration - YourCompanyName.co....
  • Email - You@YourCompanyName.co....

Contact us for pricing.

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