IT Assessment

  For an independent opinion of a current or future IT investment
  The following table gives the broad assessments of each candidate application area against the following criteria: IT assessment

Obviously, this only indicates the result to be expected, the value of our approach is the ease whereby you can achieve this result. Also, once you have been through the process it can be used again and again and refined to suit your particular company culture.

Existing IS Provision
A rating on a scale of 0 to 10 of the existing provision. As a guideline, each application should be assessed from the following two perspectives, each carrying 5 points each.
  • Information - The quality and scope of the information provided by the existing IS systems in the area.
  • Automation - How far the current IS provision contributes towards full automation of the business area.
Potential IS Provision
A rating on a scale of 0 to 10 of how much ultimate potential could be reached through IS investment in this area. As with Existing IS Provision, this should be judged in terms of Information Potential and Automation Potential.
Potential Impact of IS
The potential impact of IS is calculated by subtracting the Existing IS Provision from the Potential IS Provision, and using the following table
  Potential / Existing Score  
  0-3 L  
  4-6 M  
  7-10 H  

IS ComplexIty Envisaged
The Complexity of the envisaged IS solution (the type of technology involved) is rated on a scale of Low (L) to Extra High (XH)
Technical / Operational Achievability
Technical achievability is typically rated as the inverse of the IS Complexity Envisaged. Operational Achievability is only important where there will be significant problems in actually operating the system (e.g. needs a lot of maintenance to keep data up-to-date).
Organisational Compatibility
Each application area is judged in order of how well the envisaged IS provision fits with the nature of the organisation, it's people and structure. This is aimed at evaluating the significant risk involved in IS implementation due to the impact it has on it's intended audience
Threat of not investing further
This rates each IS area by considering the question, if we did not invest in this area, how much at risk would the whole business be as a result?
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